$40 for $98 HD Fab Bronzer Intensifier!!







$40 for $98 HD Fab Bronzer Intensifier!!


Glamourously Dark Color.

Get the absolute best color possible with from the most popular line by California Tan. The HD Fab helps develop deep, dark, natural looking color with every tan!

  • Septimus Decimus (17) Bronzers create a rich, dark color reserved only for the ber- chic and ultra-fabulous


  • Develop natural dark color with the Step 1 award winning performance of advanced Melaboost HD Tanning Technology


  • Flaunt attention-getting color with Color Blast Infusion to powerfully enhance rapid, and long-lasting color development


  • Experience superior age-reversing technology with CT ReNew, a technology that helps to strengthen skins age-defying resistance


  • Accelerate and build the ultimate golden color with Vitatan 2010




Smells great and great tanning results!

By Christine Daenecke

Smells great & great tanning results! My tan is a nice bronze color & I don't have to wash it off after because it smells like perfume!!!!!!


This lotion smells divine

By Dena Campbell

I can't count on one hand the number of times someone has remarked, "Oh my goodness what smells so good?" or something like that. The guys usually say things a little more crudely - but trust me, they dig it.

The lotion goes on smoothly and easily. It leaves a very subtle sparkly effect. It's not a deep tan product so you won't notice too much color change - which is why I like it. I don't like the odor or look of the deep bronzers. But it does moisturize your skin, give it a sparkle and smell like a dream come true.


LOVE the smell & not orange! Good buy

By iowascooter

I want to preface this review by saying that I tried this lotion for the first time tonight with a sample pack, so this is not the opinion from pro-longed use, but I have to say, I LOVE it!

Yes, true, not everyone will love the smell, as it goes with any lotion. I absolutely fell in love with it. The best way I could describe it is a sort of musky, vanilla, but still very fresh. Almost like cedar wood really lol But still very feminine (Not like cologne lol) If you were really worried about it, I would ask your salon if they have it and if you could smell it....and then buy it on here ;P

Currently I have been using Luminous by Designer Skin, which I do like, but this I gotta say I noticed a significant difference the second I stepped out of the bed in a pretty basic, level 2 bed (We go up to level 5 at my salon, if that gives you a better idea). And it's brown, not orangey (I'm a mixture of olive and fair skin).

I've heard people say Luminous' scent helps with the after-tanning "burn" smell since it's a little stronger than most, but honestly I have never noticed such a great cover up of the burn smell as with HD Fab. If I get right up on my hands and smell them I catch a very minimal wiff of it, but I'm telling you, it's basically non-existant.


Great Product

By Shannon Rae

This lotion has a great soft feminine fragrance as well as a very light feeling. So many tanning lotions are really greasy and thick. This is light and has a beautiful soft shimmer. Definitely is a GREAT step 1 product.




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  • INSTANT COLOR with 17 luxurious immediate and delayed streak-free bronzers!
  • DEEP COLOR with patented HD Tanning Technology that stimulates natural melanin production.
  • ColorBlast™ Infusion produces rich, rapid, and long-lasting natural color
  • REVERSES DAMAGE with CTRenew™ that addresses the 7 signs of aging while also protecting the skin from future damage.