$35 for $75 JWOWW 50X Black Bronzer!







$35 for $75 JWOWW 50X Black Bronzer!

Mi amore…

The key to a perfect sexy tan lies in the balance of bronzers and moisturizers. The JWOWW 50X Black Bronzer is just that! Powerful instant and delayed bronzers give skin darker, richer more radiant color. Paired with moisturizers that will hydrate and immerse skin in a blanket of velvety softness, it gives you a royal combination. Of course, you’re not getting anything less than the best from JWOWW. Ciao!

Bronzilicious Bronzers

A dominating combination of immediate and delayed bronzers that give skin the perfect color.

Marvelous Moisturizers

An irresistible mixture of moisturizers mixed with Shea Butter to quench skin while providing a sealant to keep skin hydrated to help you keep your color longer.

Skin Essentials

A mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and support healthy, glowing skin.




By: Sweetpea7142

I purchased this at my tanning salon a week ago. Ive only used it about 4 times so far and have noticed incredible results. I was really skeptical when the women at the salon recommend it. Tanning usually makes my skin so dry but this has a lot of moisturizers in it to keep that from happening. I have never gotten this dark in only 4 sessions before. I would highly recommend this.


Amazing product!

By: K

I was in a huge debate for weeks as to which "Jersey Shore" tanning lotion I should buy: JWOWW's, Snooki's or Pauly D's. I went to my tanning salon for the first time in a few month's and they had this one there. I asked them about it, and they said it was the best, and very popular at that salon. I bought it...and I LOVE IT! I was noticeably darker after one session, and the bronzers work really well. I had a nice glow, and the lotion smells awesome. It doesn't smell like coconut, like all the rest, it has its own scent and it's great. Left my skin feeling really soft and smooth, too. I HIGHLY recommend this lotion, it's the best I've used in a LONG time.


4.5 stars would be more accurate

By: ashleyd63

I bought this lotion about 2 weeks ago and have only used it 3x so far. Once when I first got it and twice last week, and guess what? I am pretty dang dark! My front and backside are the darkest but my legs and arms are not too far behind! After using it one time I did't really see that much of a difference because the bed I used the bulbs weren't very strong but I had some color. Then after a week or so I went to a tanning salon and used their beds. WHOA! I got out of the bed and was shocked at the color I got, then a few hours later my boyfriend came home and was suprised at how dark I had gotten that day! If a man noticed the difference you know it's some good stuff! Then I went back the next day and became even more tan. It's not orange what so ever but a nice brown. Kissed by the "sun" type of look I like to call it. I haven't been tanning since Friday and today is Monday and I'm still glowing strong! This afternoon I'll go again and maybe add a few more shades to this tan! The only thing I don't like about this lotion is it feels a little greasy until your skin sucks it all in. And after I tanned I scratched my shoulder and the lotion made little balls where I had scratched it off. But I can live with those It doesn't rub off on my white sheets or anyhting like that. But make sure you wait a few hours to shower so you get the full effect of the bronzers and achieve your dark tan!


Great lotion

By: kybutterfly

Absolutely LOVE this lotion. Works great and doesn't dry my skin out like other lotions have. It is really thick and a little goes a long way. Plus it smells good!!! I will definitely buy this again.


BEST tanning lotion I have ever used!

By: Christina Marie Hollis

I love being tan. But I do have somewhat fair skin and in order for me to keep a tan I have to tan almost every day. With this lotion I only have to tan about once a week because it has 50 bronzers in it that actually last. It goes on so smooth and it smells amazing! Most tanning lotions make you smell so bad when you get out of the tanning bed, but this one holds its luxurious scent even after you're done tanning. I don't think I will ever try another tanning lotion again. This one has me sold.

I love this!!!!! I'm an experienced tanner and needed something that would further my tan and this did it in one use. Shipped really quickly. I like the smell. All around great product. Glad I got it :)


White girl tans

By: Angela W. McMahan

I am really white with BARELY any capabilities of tanning. This stuff is FANTASTIC. I've used it about 3x's now and have a base tan. I can't wait to use it after a few more sessions and see where I am!!! I recommend it to everyone! An it SMELLS sooo good. I don't want to wash it off. xoxo

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Fine Print

Valid only for JWOWW 50X Black Bronzer and cannot be exchanged or supplemented for another type of JWOWW product, or another lotion. Limit 1 redemption/purchase per customer.


  • SHEA BUTTER quenches thirsty skin, smoothes and mattifies skin texture!
  • 50X BRONZERS supply immediate and long-lasting bronze color!
  • NUTRIENTS replace what is lost during the tanning process!
  • VITAMINS & MINERALS feed the skin what it uses to produce a flawless, deep tan!