$10 for Professional Mineral-Infused Bronzer by California Tan!







$10 for Professional Mineral-Infused Bronzer by California Tan!

California Tan is the expert when it comes to bronzing your skin...that's their job as the largest high-end, luxury tanning lotion manufacturer in the world. This bronzer is the culmination of decades of research and product development with hundreds of thousands of units sold.



California Tan Bronzing Powder is our most popular retail item, with customer's re-purchasing over and over again. It has also been a staff favorite consistently, for almost a decade.

  • Experience weightless, soft-touch application in a Mineral Infused Bronzer
  • Hydrate and soothe with Cucumber Extract
  • Deliver color to areas prone to fading, like face, neck, hands, and feet
  • Camouflage unwanted tan lines & redness due to overexposure
  • Refresh skins glow with conditioning Peppermint Extract




 By: lilprincess428

 Love love love love!! This is the best bronzer available, hands down, especially if you tan or just like to be dark in general. I first bought it at a tanning salon when I was in college for around $25. I just bought it online for around $13, I couldn't believe it! It goes on sheer enough that it looks natural but it still gives a great tan color. I often wear it alone because it makes my skin look nearly flawless in addition to providing the gorgeous color. I have kind of a fetish with bronzers and have tried many different brands, and while I have found other good ones, this is definitely my favorite. It lasts awhile, about a year, and the packaging is good (it has a mirror in it if you put it in your purse, but the brush that comes with it sucks.) I did drop the compact once and the powder broke up everywhere and was a mess, but that would probably happen to most compacts. I think I have finally realized that this is definitely the best bronzer and am going to stop looking around and stick with this. Official HG :) 


By: coafarr

This is an excellent product. It has a much more natural look than some of the other bronzers I have tried.

By: Gabriela
I recently started work using bronzing powders and I love the heathy glow they give, like a day at the beach at the tip of my brush! This one is a matte one and pretty deep in color ( i have have fair skin). You have to apply it with a light hand. Am stil unclear whether it has self tanner in it since it is a California Tan product. Do not think so though. Worth a try!
By: M. Rogers
I ordered this bronzing powder after it was recommended to me by the tanning salon I visit. I only spray tan, as I am concerned about skin cancer. If you want to give your skin a glow without the wrinkles - this stuff is for you. It works great as a typical bronzer (for your face), but it also works great for your neck, shoulders, chest, etc... The small little brush that comes with it is a nice size and doesn't shed. I was surprised because most of the time those brushes are terrible. Most of these powders that I have used in the past have been from the cosmetic counters and were pricey. This one is similar in price but lasts a really long time. Its a great investment.
By: emmalayx3
I LOVE THIS BRONZER. This product blends perfectly to even out your face. I go to the tanning bed often and my face lags behind the rest of my body in terms of color. I love love love love love this stuff. I bought it at my tanning salon for $40, but is probably overpriced, but I would pay it again and again!


By: SexyMama18

This gives my NC30 skin.. an instant glow I use it everday day. I bought it at a local tanning place. and the lady who worked them recommended it. I would definately try this again!!! ITS THE BEST!!


By: lawi16

It makes even the palest person have a tan, definitely doesn't make you orange, I like it a lot.


By: KayciBear

I got this for free when I worked at a tanning salon and I love it! I have light to medium skin when I don't tan, and this adds the perfect amount of color to my face. And it looks even better when I do have a tan. It's advertized as a "filler" for uneven tans but it doesn't really work like that...I just use it as a bronzer. It doesn't look orange, doesn't make my face look shiny. If I have to be out the door in 5 minutes, I just brush this on over my foundation and I look "done" =) 



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  • PROFESSIONAL BRAND with over 20 years of experience in skin bronzing by California Tan!
  • MINERAL INFUSED bronzer is light on the skin and creates a flawless, natural finish!
  • BUILDABLE COLOR allows you to control the depth of color you want!
  • CUCUMBER EXTRACT hydrates the skin throughout the day!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC composition is perfect for all skin types!
  • NON-COMEDOGENIC formula will not clog pores or cause breakouts!