$49 for $94 HD Mann Bronzer Step 2!!







$49 for $94 HD Mann Bronzer Step 2!!


Deepen your results with a lotion made for a man's skin. Men's skin is thicker and needs more help tanning. This lotion is designed to give you the deepest, darkest, and most natural results you've ever had.

• 14 Powerful Bronzers create streak-free, natural-looking, rich, dark color instantly.

• Energen Complex supplies rugged male skin the necessary energy to help prevent and combat the signs of aging deep in the skin.

• HD Technology gives the even, bronze appearance of a Spartan Warrior.

• Step 2 Technolgy supplies Copper and Oxygen (CuO2) and Tissue Respiratory Factors to darken melanin to it's deepest color ever.



Great lotion!

By J-Ski

This lotion is a typical tanning lotion for men. It has a very nice smell to it, almost like a cologne. The results with this lotion are great, it maximizes your tanning results and makes your skin nice and brown regardless of your complexion. I recommend this lotion and ONLY this lotion to any guys out there that like to go tanning.


men like hd mann

By kat

i gave this to my son for his birthday he really liked it he said it was the real thing,( from sealed lotions) he had tried a sample at the salon


Great tanning lotion for men

By Cory L. Parker

I've tried tons of tanning lotions, paid top dollar, and always end up being disappointed at some point because none seem to be geared towards men. Until Hd Mann...
The lotion smells more of a cologne but is not overpowering (it fades a lot as you tan so by the time you are done you are left with a slight masculine aroma)
Big point, it isnt all that oily or liquified, a perfect mix so you don't feel like you are putting on silk or butter. It absorbs into skin well so you don't waste a lot of time rubbing and rubbing or trying to find a sport to relocate the excess because it just won't absorb.

My only caution is that I don't feel it provides enough bronzing/darkening. Maybe it is subject to each persons skin but I wish it would darken more with one tan.

Overall its the best I have found in years and I've stuck with it for more than 8 months now. I highly recommend it and don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Fine Print

Limit one purchase/redemption per customer. Not valid for any other lotion or step. While supplies last. Expires one year from purchase.


  • 14 BRONZERS create rich, deep color instantly
  • STEP 2 TECHNOLOGY designed for the thicker skin of a man, yields dark, deep, and natural bronze color.
  • ENERGEN COMPLEX combines energy and nutrients to prevent aging and repair skin.
  • HD TECHNOLOGY gives the skin even, bronzed appearance
  • Streak-Free
  • Zero Maintanance
  • Clean Fragrance